• Introduction
  • Belgium and the Universal Expositions Serge Jaumain et Wanda Balcers
  • The Solbosch from the Middle Ages to the start of the 20th century Marc Meganck
  • In the shadow of the Cambre woods: the earliest urban development of the Solbosch district Isabelle de Pange, Cécile Schaack et Marie-Hélène Guenon
  • The Solbosch is awarded the 1910 Exposition ! Serge Jaumain et Wanda Balcers
  • Organising a Universal Exposition Virginie Jourdain
  • The Exposition and the reorganisation of the tram network Roland Dussart-Desart
  • Promoting the Exposition Virginie Jourdain
  • Architecture and fine art at the 1910 Exposition Benoît Schoonbroodt
  • National presences Céline Préaux
  • A declaration of war? The German participation Alexandre Kostka
  • The fire of August 14th Benoît Schoonbrooodt
  • The pleasures of an Exposition visitor. Extracts from imaginary notebooks Jean-Pierre Smyers
  • Sioux at the Solbosch! Alain Martin
  • Back to the future : the ULB recreates the Expo in 3D Nadine Warzée, Audrey Cauchie et Adrien Xhibitte
  • Towards a new district Isabelle de Pange, Marie-Hélène Genon et Cécile Schaack
  • The Université libre de Bruxelles at Solbosch. Construction and architecture Isabelle de Pange
  • Brief memories of the Exposition Wanda Balcers
  • Maison Delune Aurélie Wantier
  • A museum at the service of internationalism Stéphanie Manfroid