Historical studies

The following subjects were the object of a research seminar organised at the ULB by a group of students of Contemporary History. The results of their research are used within the 2010 exhibition. You can view the didactic panels of the exhibition.

The management of the exhibition:

  • The people behind the Exhibition
  • The Commissioner General
  • The Brussels / national authorities and the exhibition

The choice of location:

  • Debates with the Communal council
  • Annexation by the Commune
  • Preparatory work on the site
  • Architecture of the site

Urban development of the district:

  • The building of the University
  • Development of the road network
  • Development of transport facilities

Palaces linked to social work:

  • The Palace of Female Work
  • The Palace of the Farmer’s Wife
  • Social housing
  • Work at home

Tourism and cultural and scientific events:

  • Presentation of the Exposition to tourists
  • Accommodation
  • Reception
  • Meetings and other tourist activities

Restaurants and leisure activities:

  • The organisation of restaurants and cafés
  • The amusement park

Publicity and the Exposition:

  • Visual representations (studies of the postcards)
  • Iconography (posters, announcements, etc.)
  • Images in the press

Private firms present at the exhibition

The European pavilions

The African and colonial pavilions

The Belgian and Brussels Folklore pavilions